Parallel Journeys:

In 'Paradice Lost', 'The Bible'' &,''The dead sea scrolls'' ect. The story of 'Adam & Eve' fit hand in hand with frankenstein.
The creature resembles Adam in that they were both unique, alone and individuals. Adam was also the first human being/ the first of his kind, as the creature was the first of his kind. both begged there creator for a companion, god making adam one and victor almost helping the creature
A final comparison between the two is that they were both exiled from there creators.
On the flip-side(differences) Adam is created with benevolent intentions, and is not punished by God until he had violated a law. The creature is not responsible for his abandonment; he is unloved and rejected from the moment of his creation. In addition, Frankenstein never entertained pre-conception loving feelings about his creation. Indeed, the creature never has a place in his creator's heart. However, God took responsibility for his creation, nurtured him and never fully abandoned him. Whether God is culpable for Adam and Eve eating from the tree of knowledge is not to be debated; the point of this issue is that God parented his creations and did not wholly desert them as Frankenstein had done with his creation. The creature is created solely from self-serving motivations. Which I think Shelly was stating that people cannot play god and in addition I think she wanted the reader to make this connection by placeing paradice lost in her book.

The creature with a solem look

chapter 20